History of Medical Scrubs

The History of Medical Scrubs

The history of medical scrubs: Medical Scrubs began to be used in the twentieth century when the medical profession began to see the importance of a clean environment for surgery and medical care. Before medical scrubs began to be used regularly surgeons performed surgeries in their street clothes with a cover or apron to keep their clothes clean. During the flu pandemic of 1918 doctors began to wear masks but it was more for their protection than their patient's protection from infection. In the 1940s awareness of wound infection and the need to have a sanitary operating room prompted the first use of medical scrubs. The first medical scrubs were gowns or drapes that covered the surgeon and medical staff while operating.

When medical scrubs began to be used regularly in operating rooms in the 1950s and 1960s they were made with white fabric to demonstrate cleanliness. The bright white fabric of the medical scrubs in the white operating rooms began to strain the medical staff's eyes and eventually medical scrubs began to be made in colors like blue, green, pink and yellow. Now the majority of medical staff are required to wear medical scrubs whenever in a clean environment. Today medical scrubs are usually short-sleeved, v-neck shirts with draw string pants. Medical scrubs also include jackets and gowns. Medical scrubs come in various colors and bright prints. Medical scrubs with bright prints are great for medical personnel who work with children. Medical scrubs also come in various durable fabrics that can be easily cleaned.