Wholesale Scrubs

Wholesale Medical Scrubs

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Wholesale Medical Scrubs

Hospitals and retailers get their scrubs in bulk from the manufacturer. These wholesale medical scrubs are cheaper than retail and are great for companies that need a lot of scrubs. Bulk units of wholesale medical scrubs generally contain only one style of tops and bottoms, though most retailers buy several different styles for resale. Because manufacturers rarely sell wholesale medical scrubs in small lots or individual sales, they may not be a good idea for a person looking for just a few scrubs. But they are very useful for hospitals, which need large amounts of scrubs.

Wholesale hospital scrubs can be made in any style of tops and bottoms. This includes v-neck, c-neck, pullover, mock wrap, and more for the tops and boot-cut and flare leg for the bottoms. Unisex scrubs are also manufactured in bulk. These are the most popular with hospitals because they can be used by men and women. Wholesale scrubs are also available in any number of colors. Most manufacturers have a certain number of colors that they always provide, but then some do select colors and prints for a month at a time. These prints change frequently so it can be hard to find the same print again. Manufacturers offer 100 percent cotton scrubs as well as scrubs that are composed of a cotton poly blend. 100 percent cotton feels more natural and breathes better, but cotton poly blends can take more wear and tear.

Retailers usually purchase a wider range of styles than hospitals do because they are reselling them to the public. A lot of people who aren't doctors and nurses purchase them for casual wear.

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