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Sundries are the additional products that nurses use on a regular basis. These products may not necessarily be considered to be emblematic of a nurses work, however they greatly improve the workflow of nurses and improve patient comfort. Many of these products are determined by the nature of the work being performed by the nurse and their supporting role. Because patient care is the priority of nurses, they often need a large array of product than a doctor may in order to operate effectively.
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Finger Cots  Finger Cots  Medium  Qty. 144 Iodine Cups, Stainless Steel: 6 oz (180 cc) 3 7/16"D x 2"H Sponge Bowls, Stainless Steel: 30 oz. (15/16 qt, 5 9/16"D x 2 9/16"H)
Sponge Bowls, Stainless Steel: 20 oz. (5/8 qt, 5"D x 2 3/8"H) Forceps Jar  Stainless Steel  1 x 4 Sponge Bowls, Stainless Steel: 48 oz. (1 1/2 qt, 7 1/8"D x 2 3/4"H)
Sterile Bowls  8-oz.  Qty. 50 Surigical Prep Mitt  Surgical Mitt  Qty. 100 Sundry Jars  Plastic  Set of 5  Qty. 5
Sterile Bowls  16-oz.  Qty. 100 Non-Sterile Bowls  32 oz  Qty. 250 Sterile Bowls  32-oz.  Qty. 50
Iodine Cups, Stainless Steel: 6 oz (180 cc) 3 7/16"D x 2"H, Qty. 24