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Walkers are a common choice for individuals who suffer from long-term limited mobility that affects a large part of their body. Persons who use these products often suffer from weak backs and these devices allow them to remove some of their upper body weight from their legs. They allow great mobility and are often easily folded for quick storage when sitting down or traveling by vehicle. These products are readily available and can greatly improve the lives of people whose legs and backs are weak.
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Walker Tips 1 1 8  - Retail Box Pk 4 Grey Walker Accessories  Replacement Tips for Walker  Qty. 2 Walker Accessories  Glide Cap  Qty. 1 pr
Walker Sheepskin Covers  pair Walker Glide Ski  Pair   White Walker Glide Ski  Pair   Black
Walker Wheels w Rear Glide Cap 5  Blue  pair Walker Wheels 5  Fixed With Rear Glide Caps  pair Walker Wheels 3  Fixed With Rear Glide Caps  pair
Walker Basket Liner Walker Accessories  Replacement Legs 10   with 8 holes  Qty. 2 Snap-On Walker Basket for Folding Walkers
Walker Basket Liner
Price: $14.14
Walker Accessories  Extension Legs 14 1 2  with 5 holes  for MDS86410 series   Qty. 4 Walker Accessories  Glide Brakes For Walker  Qty. 2 Basket Only for Clever-Lite Rollator
Carex Walker Basket Canvas Walker Extension Legs  Set 4 Walker Accessories  5  Wheels*  Qty. 1 pr
Walker Accessories  3  Swivel Wheels*  Qty. 2 Walker Accessories  Glide Brakes With Wheels  Qty. 2 Walker Accessories  5  Swivel Wheels*  Qty. 2
Walker Carry-On- Side Mount Easy-Release 2 Button Walker Adult W 5  Wheels Easy-Release 2 Button Folding Walker Adult
Deluxe One Button Folding Walker Adult TOTE Oxygen Tank Carrier fits M6-Cylinder for Wheeled Walker Easy-Release 2 Button Walker Youth w 5  Wheels
Easy-Release 2 Button Folding Walker Youth Walker Accessories  Dual 5  Wheels*  500 lb capacity   Qty. 1 pr Walker Folding One-Button Adult w 5  Wheels