Surgical Shoe Covers

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Surgical Shoe Covers

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Surgical shoe covers are very important for several reasons. First, an operating theater needs to remain completely sanitary and sterile. Surgical shoe protectors can be made of polyethylene or polypropylene. Polyethylene is a non-static, non-woven material. This means, dirt and dust and other particles cannot stick to its surface, and since it’s non-woven, dirt and dust cannot be ground into the weave. This helps medical shoe covers to remain clean and sterile, which provides an essential factor in keeping certain rooms and environments at regulatory levels. It’s amazing how such a simple product can help medical staff so significantly, making these quite worth their already low price.

Secondly, medical shoe covers can protect your feet and footwear from unfortunate stains and materials. These covers will not allow blood or other liquids to seep through to stain your shoes.

Third, most medical shoe wraps are anti-skid. This means you can walk and move freely without worrying about slipping on a slick, hospital floor. The added tread on medical shoe wraps means added safety. You can worry about doing your job and not about slipping and falling in the middle of an important, complicated procedure.

Hospital shoe wraps keep the environment clean and sterile, protect your shoes from spillage and stains, and help prevent accidents. These shoe wraps are also cost-effective and disposable. They have an elastic ring for a firm fit and extra protection around your ankle. For your convenience, most of them are one size fits all, helping you efficiently provide for your entire staff.

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